Beginner Yoga: Hatha/Vinyasa

New to yoga? you are welcome. I will teach you the basic Asana/postures along with the common English and Sanskrit names. We will then put it all together by learning transitions from one move to another to create a Vinyasa or flow along with self awareness.  All yoga students welcome.  $17.00 per class

Yin Yoga

Ready to let go of stress and improve flexibility? This is a glorious gateway to tune out the world, turn inward, and connect with poses at the level of the fascia. Through a series of sustained stretches with props, we’ll explore our edge, come into stillness, and practice the art of surrender. Yin offers an excellent counterbalance to more cardio-intensive forms of exercise.  $17.00 per class

Gentle Yoga

In this hour-long class, we’ll ease into the week with gentle yoga flow designed to connect with the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. We’ll cycle through integration, namaskars (sun/moon greetings), elemental vinyasa sequences tied to the phase of the moon, followed by stretching and savasana.  $17.00 per class

Chair Assisted Yoga

This class incorporates yoga poses modified and practiced while seated or using a chair for support and balance.  Enjoy the benefits of deep breathing techniques while increasing flexibility, energy, strength, concentration and balance. $17.00 per class

Yoga: Hatha/Vinyasa

There is an expectation in this class that students know the basic yoga Asana/postures. We will build up heat in the body with sun salutations and a Vinyasa flow using more challenging poses and then move into a cool down, ending with Savasana/corpse pose. Options for more challenging poses will be offered if it is in your practice.  All yoga students welcome.  $17.00 per class

Mindful Yoga Flow 

This Vinyasa style class is a dynamic sequence of physical postures (asana) connected by the inhales and exhales of your breath to create a steady rhythm. We begin slow and build on a sequence while honoring your individual level and needs for the class. The final part of the class takes advantage of the calm state created by asana and you are guided through a short Mindfulness Meditation practice. Open to all who are injury free. $17.00 per class