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Yoga Basics: A 6-week Beginner Course

Join us for a 6-week, down to earth exploration of yoga fundamentals, including breath work (pranayama), posture/poses (asanas), vinyasa flow (linking breath with movement).  We promise a non-judgmental, beginner-friendly, FUN venue designed to enhance your balance, strength and flexibility AND boost your confidence in a studio setting. 6-week workshop, MINIMUM 3 PEOPLE REQUIRED.  $90.00 per workshop.  NEXT WORKSHOP IS SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 8, 2023 - FEBRUARY 12, 2023, 4 - 5 PM.

Strong Roots:  Beginner Yoga

This inclusive class offers a safe space to learn and explore yoga basics including poses/Asana, breathing techniques/pranayama, Sanskrit names, and how to cultivate a mindful yoga practice. We will build up to flowing transitions between poses with a focus on the Namaskars ("Sun Salutations"). $16.00 per class

Yin Yoga

Ready to let go of stress and improve flexibility? This is a glorious gateway to tune out the world, turn inward, and connect with poses at the level of the fascia. Through a series of sustained stretches with props, we’ll explore our edge, come into stillness, and practice the art of surrender. Yin offers an excellent counterbalance to more cardio-intensive forms of exercise.  $16.00 per class

Gentle Yoga

In this hour-long class, we’ll ease into the week with gentle yoga flow designed to connect with the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space. We’ll cycle through integration, namaskars (sun/moon greetings), elemental vinyasa sequences tied to the phase of the moon, followed by stretching and savasana.  $16.00 per class

Yoga: Vinyasa

There is an expectation in this class that students know the basic yoga Asana/postures. We will build up heat in the body with sun salutations and a Vinyasa flow using more challenging poses and then move into a cool down, ending with Savasana/corpse pose. Options for more challenging poses will be offered if it is in your practice.  All yoga students welcome.  $16.00 per class

Solar Vinyasa

A dynamic 75-minute yoga class that flows through traditional namaskars, lively vinyasa sequences, luscious stretches and concludes with a generous savasana.  An invigorating venue to cultivate your balance, strength and flexibility while promoting inner calm. Intensity level suited for long-term beginners, as well as intermediate to seasoned practitioners. $16.00 per class

Prana Power Yoga

This Vinyasa style class is a dynamic and energizing sequence of physical postures (Asana) connected by the inhales and exhales of your breath to create an empowering rhythm.  We will flow through Namaskars (Sun Salutations) and Vinyasa waves, cultivating heat, strength, balance, and flexibility. Vinyasa waves build towards peak poses, honoring the individual needs of the class. We end each class with a period of rest and meditation to fully reap the benefits of the asanas.  Some yoga experience preferred. $16.00 per class.

Yoga & Reiki

In the first 40 minutes of the class we go through a nice Vinyasa flow incorporating Qigong movement that integrate seamlessly providing a nice flow and smooth transitions.  In the last 20 minutes, people rest in Savasana and receive Reiki (hands-on or hands-off based on the person's preference).  The style of Yoga-Qingong combined with Reiki makes this class very unique.  $20 per class.

**If you're experiencing any acute injuries, we kindly ask that you reschedule or consider a private yoga session for personalized recommendations**


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