About Our Studio

Uptown Pilates is Rochester, MN's first stand alone Pilates studio.  Our instructors are Stott Pilates certified and have over 14 years of teaching experience.  

Pilates is a full body workout with emphasis on the "core".  You will feel lengthened, strengthened and invigorated after a Pilates session.

Whether you are a beginner or a high-level athlete, we can help you with your fitness goals.  

We are pleased to be adding Yoga to our services!  Check out the phenomenal instructors we have on board and a book a class (or two).

Come let us help you transform your body!

Our Instructors

CONNIE BRUCE – is a full STOTT PILATES certified instructor, which means she has trained to teach on all of STOTT PILATES equipment and also completed the Injury and Special Population training. She has been teaching Pilates approximately 30 – 35 hours per week since 2007 in her home studio and local clubs. Connie loves teaching Pilates classes and also has a passion (almost to a fault) for using the Pilates exercises as a rehabilitation tool.  If you want an amazing Pilates workout or are in need of some help rehabilitating from an injury, register for one of Connie’s classes or contact her at uptownpilatesmn@gmail.com to schedule a Private session.

TORRI MURPHY - is a STOTT PILATES certified instructor who has been teaching Pilates in her home studio and local clubs since 2014. Torri loves the power of the exercises to transform the body into a flexible, mobile, healthy person who can go about daily tasks and enjoy them pain-free.  Torri loves using creative imagery to help people understand a movement and feel how the body is supposed to move.  If you want a fun, challenging Pilates workout, register for one of Torri’s classes.  Torri is also available for Private sessions as her schedule allows.

KAY KUSHWAHA -  Kay has been a 200 hour RYT since 2017 and a Prenatal Yoga instructor since 2018. Both certificates were obtained from Sonic Yoga studio in New York City.

Kay has personally practiced different forms of Yoga since 1992, but took it to the next level when she undertook her teacher training in 2017. Since then, she has taught at Yoga Tribe and currently teaches at Dan Abrahams Healthy Living Center (DAHLC).


She teaches Hatha/Vinyasa flow. 


Her inspiration in teaching yoga is using ahimsa or non-violence with an emphasis on not harming your body, but to enhance range of motion and movement with all joints in the body whilst listening to and using your inner guru.

SUNNY CHEE - As a former school teacher, Sunny obtained her vinyasa-style yoga instructor certification from Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, Mayo Clinic, in 2018 and has been teaching yoga at local clubs ever since. She believes in exploring one’s full potential on mats or chairs, yet not allowing our ego to take over our mind. She is a huge fan of listening to one’s body, taking out elements of comparisons, judgements, and competitions. Transferring one’s mind, body and spirit, and sensations learned from the mats or chairs to the world of reality is also her goal. She loves to encourage awareness of breaths with body alignments and movements.  Yoga enthusiasts of all levels (beginners and experienced) are welcome.

ANGELA LUNDE - Angela has been teaching yoga since 2009 after receiving her CorePower Yoga teaching certificate, recognized by the Yoga Alliance. In addition, she has received intensive training specific to yoga for older adults through Duke Integrative Medicine. She has completed Graduate work in Integrative Health and Wellness, coursework in Wellness Coaching,  as well as training in mindfulness based therapies including Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness based Dementia Caring (MBDC); Yoga for Grief Relief and Dignity Therapy. Angela works at Mayo Clinic as an Associate in Neurology. Her classes incorporate Mindfulness Meditation and Vinyasa.

CHRISTA GORDON-WORRELL -Christa started yoga in 2002 as the logical choice after years of classical ballet (old knees), but quickly fell in love with the whole mind-body-spirit connection. In the summer of 2018, she decided to expand her practice and completed 200-hour Prana Vinyasa Teacher training through Yoga Tribe with Heather Ritenour in Rochester, MN. She’s been teaching ever since. In 2021, she added Yin Yoga certification to her repertoire because she feels it’s the harmonious counterpart to more vigorous forms of vinyasa yoga. She loves the sense of peace yoga imparts and delights in sharing that experience with her students. Off the yoga mat, Christa enjoys veterinary medicine, writing, and hunting morels in the spring.

Carolyn Isaak - Carolyn is a long time yoga and meditation teacher in the Rochester community holding certifications and trainings from Sun Moon Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and the Himalayan Meditation tradition.  She has an M.S. from Purdue University in Health Promotion, is a master level Reiki practitioner, and active Franciscan CoJourner.  Carolyn utilizes yoga and meditation as tools for self-exploration and healing.  By quieting the mind and exploring silence, the inner spirit awakens, calls and leads to the Divine.