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Our Instructors

CONNIE BRUCE – is a full STOTT PILATES certified instructor, which means she has trained to teach on all of STOTT PILATES equipment and also completed the Injury and Special Population training. She has been teaching Pilates since 2007.  She had a busy home studio and also taught at local clubs until 2019 when she and Torri decided to open Uptown Pilates. Connie loves teaching Pilates classes and also has a passion for using the Pilates exercises as a rehabilitation tool.  If you want an amazing Pilates workout or are in need of some help rehabilitating from an injury, register for one of Connie’s classes or contact her at to schedule a Private session.

TORRI MURPHY - is a STOTT PILATES certified instructor who has been teaching Pilates in her home studio and local clubs since 2014. Torri loves the power of the exercises to transform the body into a flexible, mobile, healthy person who can go about daily tasks and enjoy them pain-free.  Torri loves using creative imagery to help people understand a movement and feel how the body is supposed to move.  If you want a fun, challenging Pilates workout, register for one of Torri’s classes.  Torri is also available for Private sessions as her schedule allows.

ANGELA MANGANO - Eager to find a source of movement that aligned mind and body, Angela fell in love with Mat Pilates in early 2021at a studio in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA.  Soon thereafter, she decided to take the leap and fuse her passion for Pilates with her desire to teach.  She received her instructor training and certification in Mat Pilates from Barre Body in 2023.  Angela trained and taught on a weekly basis at 3 studios in New Jersey from October 2022 - August 2023.  Having just relocated to Rochester, she is beyond excited to connect with the local Pilates community, and share her love of movement. 

What to expect in class:  Angela's class consists of movements designed to sculpt and lengthen the muscles, enhancing flexibility and strength.  She incorporates Pilates principles into a contemporary flow, always prioritizing encouraging cues and intentional breathwork to connect mind and body.  One of her favorite parts of being an instructor is curating rhythmic playlists to harmonize movement with feel-good music!

CHRISTA GORDON-WORRELL -Christa started yoga in 2002 as the logical choice after years of classical ballet (old knees), but quickly fell in love with the whole mind-body-spirit connection. In the summer of 2018, she decided to expand her practice and completed 200-hour Prana Vinyasa Teacher training through Yoga Tribe with Heather Ritenour in Rochester, MN. She’s been teaching ever since. In 2021, she added Yin Yoga certification to her repertoire because she feels it’s the harmonious counterpart to more vigorous forms of vinyasa yoga. She loves the sense of peace yoga imparts and delights in sharing that experience with her students. Off the yoga mat, Christa enjoys veterinary medicine, writing, and hunting morels in the spring.




Emma Smith

Emma has been practicing yoga since her first college gym credit in 2014 and completed her 200 hour Prana Vinyasa training through Yoga Tribe in 2020. She loves finding new ways to move her body through weightlifting, biking, hiking, kickboxing, bellydancing, and beyond!  Additionally, Emma holds a Bachelor's degree of Science in Nursing and has been working in Rochester as a Registered Nurse since 2017. She is thrilled to combine her love of healing as a nurse with the sustainable movement and mindfulness of yoga. Other educational endeavors include completing the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate program in 2020. Her classes provide a safe space to explore, deepen your relationship with yourself, and cultivate courage!  Some of Emma's other passions include tending to her houseplants/garden and cats, making music with her partner, taking any opportunity to be crafty, and experimenting with plant-based recipes.

Fernando Echeveste

500 hours Yoga teacher (India 2016), Tai chi and Qigong instructor (UK 2015).  Reiki Master (UK 2012).

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