About Our Studio

Uptown Pilates is Rochester, MN's first stand alone Pilates studio.  Our instructors are Stott Pilates certified and have over 12 years of teaching experience.  We offer group reformer classes, mixed equipment classes, Barre classes, Private Sessions and Duet Sessions.

Pilates is a full body workout with emphasis on the "core".  You will feel lengthened, strengthened and invigorated after a Pilates session.

Whether you are a beginner or a high-level athlete, we can help you with your fitness goals.  

Come let us help you transform your body!

Our Instructors

Connie Bruce – is a full STOTT PILATES certified instructor, which means she has trained to teach on all of STOTT PILATES equipment and also completed the Injury and Special Population training. She has been teaching Pilates approximately 30 – 35 hours per week since 2007 in her home studio and local clubs. Connie loves teaching Pilates classes and also has a passion (almost to a fault) for using the Pilates exercises as a rehabilitation tool.  If you want an amazing Pilates workout or are in need of some help rehabilitating from an injury, register for one of Connie’s classes or contact her at uptownpilatesmn@gmail.com to schedule a Private session.

Torri Murphy - is a STOTT PILATES certified instructor who has been teaching Pilates in her home studio and local club since 2014. Torri loves the power of the exercises to transform the body into a flexible, mobile, healthy person who can go about daily tasks and enjoy them pain-free.  Torri loves using creative imagery to help people understand a movement and feel how the body is supposed to move.  If you want a fun, challenging Pilates workout, register for one of Torri’s classes.  Torri is also available for Private sessions as her schedule allows.