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Wednesdays, May 18 - June 22, 12 - 1 pm



Thursdays June 2 - July 7, 7 - 8 pm


Curious about yoga but feeling shy?

Join us for a 6-week, down-to-earth exploration of yoga fundamentals, including: breath work (pranayama),
postures/poses (asanas),
vinyasa flow (linking breath to movement)

We promise a non-judgmental, beginner-friendly, FUN venue designed to enhance your balance, strength, flexibility AND boost your confidence in a studio setting.

What do I need?

Loose, comfortable clothing or yoga pants & a t-shirt. (Mats, blocks, straps provided.)

Sounds good, but I want more details:

What you can expect to learn/gain:
A working knowledge of common postures (asanas) and how to embody them safely. The modern names and Sanskrit pronunciations of the poses.
A wide range of supine, seated, and standing postures, as well as inversions.
How to link breath to movement through a series of simple vinyasa sequences.
An introduction to basic yogic philosophy.
A growing sense of peace and clarity—yoga’s mental perks!
Q&A time: freedom to ask any burning (or embarrassing) yoga-related questions.
A better understanding of yoga-studio etiquette.