This is the place to start! Start here if you are new to Pilates, have never used Pilates equipment, or would like to refresh your principles and knowledge. In this class you will learn to the basic principles of the Pilates method. You will be orientated on all pieces of equipment - reformer, chair and tower. If you are returning to your Pilates practice, this class will prepare you for a safe and knowledgeable return to regular classes. This is a 6-week session and you must complete 4 of the 6 classes in order to register in a Beginner Reformer class.  Get started today! Cost $120 per session.


Do not be fooled by this name. This class is for the Pilates practitioner who is not interested in progressing through the levels, but simply wants a good Reformer workout.  Generally there are no plank, inversion (rollovers) or kneeling exercises. However, if you are able to kneel, your instructor will suggest that you use that version.  This class also takes into account each person’s individual needs and limitations, thereby making this class more like a Private session – only with 4 attendees.

Prerequisite:  Pilates Fundamentals or four Private sessions.  If you are new to our studio and have previous Reformer experience, we ask that you contact us to discuss your Reformer experience.  We want to insure that this is the correct level for you.  Cost $20 per class.


This class begins your journey on a unique piece of equipment that exercises the whole body.  Springs assist you in doing movements you might otherwise find difficult or impossible to do and the springs also offer resistance to help strengthen the core, lengthen and tone muscles and energize the body. 


Prerequisite: Completion of a Fundamentals session or four Private sessions. If you are new to our studio and have previous Reformer experience, we ask that you contact us to discuss your Reformer experience.  We want to insure that this is the correct level for you.  Cost $20 per class.


This class is for the Pilates practitioner who has demonstrated a strong understanding of the Pilates Basic Principles, can set up their machine and make changes throughout the class, and has shown the necessary amount of strength and body awareness needed to move to the next level.


Prerequisite:  Beginner Reformer and instructor’s approval to progress to this level.  If you are new to our studio and have previous Reformer experience, we ask that you contact us to discuss your Reformer experience.  We want to insure that this is the correct level for you.  Cost $20 per class.


No - not the band - but an energizing, fun class utilizing the Tower and springs at the end of the reformer.  The "Tower" is a piece of equipment modified from a Cadillac Table and has many core challenging exercises.  This will be a mixed level class so don't be shy - jump in and give it a try (hey, I made a rhyme).

Prerequisite: Completed a Fundamentals session or Pilates Reformer experience is highly encouraged so you will already have experience working with a piece of Pilates equipment and the springs. Cost $20 per class.


This is an advanced level class wherein the instructor will only be saying the name of the exercise and the spring setup.  You need to know the exercises well enough that you do not need cues or corrections.  The class will flow quickly from one exercise to the next and you will be able to focus on your breath and how all the exercises feel in your body without the distraction of the instructor talking.  The exercises will be a combination of intermediate and advanced exercises.  You will have demonstrated your knowledge of the basic principles and your body awareness. You also will have demonstrated the strength to advance to this level.  If you watch someone at this level perform the exercises, it can be deceptive.  A true Advanced student makes the exercises look effortless when, in fact, they are very, very difficult.


Prerequisite:  An instructor’s permission to join this level.  The instructor will base their decision on your demonstration of the basic principles and body awareness and your physical strength and ability to perform the Advanced level exercises.  Absolutely no injuries that require a modification to an exercise are allowed. Cost $20 per class.


Can't decide which class to do?  You regularly do reformer and want to try a little Chair or Tower - this class is for you. Using a combination of some or all of the equipment, you will get a well rounded, challenging and invigorating Pilates workout.

Prerequisite:   If you have previous Reformer, mat, Cadillac or Stability chair experience, please contact us to discuss your Pilates experience.  We want to insure that this is the correct level for your.  Cost $20 per class.

NEW - Jump, Jump, Jump

By adding a cardio tramp to the reformer, you can add some cardio to your reformer workout.  This workout challenges all of the basic Pilates principles as it makes your legs and center muscles work in a more open chain manner.  

Prerequisite:  A minimum of a SOLID beginner reformer level training is necessary.  You should be able to demonstrate you understand the basic principles of the Pilates exercises.  Without a strong foundation, jumping can cause low back pain.  If you are unsure whether you ready to try this class, please contact us before registering.  


People choose Private sessions for a variety of reasons.  If you are new to the studio – your first private session will include a discussion of your fitness goals, past injury history, a postural analysis and movement assessment.  Your first appointment will be 90 minutes ($90 charge) and subsequent appointments will be 55 minutes. No previous Pilates experience is required for Private sessions.  Cost $60 per 55 minute session.


To schedule a Private session, please call 507-358-4083 or email  An instructor will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a session,


A Private session for 2 people.  Cost $40 per person per session.